My admiration

Where to start on this one... I have been with Subaru of Little Rock for about 11 months now and have worked with a gentleman named Landon Montgomery. Now let me start off by telling you this guy is one of the hardest working guys I have ever met. His work ethic is the best I have ever seen in the car business, or anywhere. He shows up to work ready to go and ready to help his clients make the best decision on a new vehicle. This guy is not your typical "Car Salesman". If you're reading this most likely Landon has sold you a car lol.

I can tell you from watching this guy its some what motivating watching someone work their heart out for something they love. He is so determined to be the best that he pushes him self more and more every month. 

One thing I can tell you that he does not let work get in the way of family. If you are friends with Landon on Facebook you can tell that he loves his 2 kids with more passion than most have. He makes sure they have everything they need and will drop everything in a instant if they need something. He even takes his little girl to dance class and isn't afraid to get out on the dance floor and show the dance moms how its done lol.

He is now a top 10 salesman in the country!! He is also the #1 salesman in our region! Thats crazy!! 

From my point of view this guy is the way the car business is suppose to be for customers. He makes it quick and easy. No hassle no thinking you're getting taken advantage of. He has the best future coming his way if he keeps this up. No telling where he will be in 5 years if he keeps working this hard. Landon Montgomery my hat is off to you sir. You have showed month in and month out that you will out work anyone and everyone to achieve what you want.

The one and only 

Cecil Turner
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