Winter Services Your Subaru Will Need

Subaru's are built to last but they will need a little help along the way and RiversideSubaru is here to make sure your Subaru gets through winter. While winter is not as harsh as it is in more northern place, winter here in Little Rock can still take a toll on your Subaru and there are a number of important services you may want to be done.

One of the most important service items to ensure your Subaru is ready for winter is to have your battery tested. There is nothing worse than going out to start your car on a cold morning and it won't start. If your battery is low and you would benefit from a new one we will quickly install one for you. Another simple service that will go a long way to safe driving this winter is having new wiper blades installed and a full tank of washer fluid. Being able to clearly see the road away when it is snowing or wet dirt is spraying up on your window is vital.

Other key services you may want done for safe winter driving include having your tires rotated, brakes inspected or replaced, new tires if needed, oil change, and making sure all your exterior lights are working. Rotating your tires ensures even wear on your treads as well as providing maximum contact with the road. Rotating your tires also extends the life of your tires. One more easy thing you can during the winter is to take your Subaru to the car wash. We know it will get dirty as soon as you leave the car wash but cleaning the undercarriage to reduce the amount of time road salt spends on your Subaru. Whenever you bring your Subaru to Riverside Subaru for service we will wash it as part of your service.

Be sure to schedule your service appointment by giving us a call or make one online.

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