Why Upgrade Your Current Ride?

If you've had your current car for a while, then you should be aware there are plenty of benefits of upgrading your ride. Whether you're leasing a car, paying off a loan, or you don't have anything left to pay, we can help you find a new Subaru that will fit your needs.

Our Competitive Buy Back Program

Our dealership is always looking to buy good quality used vehicles, so if you already have car, truck, or SUV in need of an upgrade, just value your trade and see what we can give you. Getting some extra cash is a great way to make buying a new car more accessible, so don't hesitate to learn more about what your car is worth.

Modern Technology

The greatest draw towards a new vehicle is the new technology and engineering that comes out each year. New Subaru models are offering more and more entertainment and safety tech. Some models, like the new Subaru Ascent, offer advanced safety tech standard. If you're looking for some new entertainment, safety, and performance features, then it's time to get a new car.


Your current vehicle is a depreciating asset, so waiting to trade it in will just result in less cash that's coming back to you. If you're on the fence about buying a new Subaru, just consider how much money you could lose from depreciation in the next couple of years.

Safer Vehicles

Each year cars are getting safer and safer, so if you're driving a family around, buying a new car is especially appealing. The latest safety tech goes a long way in keeping you and your passengers confident on the road.

Stop by our dealership today and explore our new Subaru inventory. Talk to our sales professionals about test driving one of these impressive vehicles in Little Rock, AR.

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