Driving a Subaru Goes Hand-in-Hand with Peace of Mind

As a driver, you will face many adversities out on the road. With factors like other commuters and changing weather out of your control, there is always the potential for an accident, and this can cause some to feel uneasy at the wheel. Fortunately, you can put your worries to rest when you own a Subaru. Designed to withstand a collision and armed with a whole host of safety technologies, a new Subaru model is your access to peace of mind on the road.

What Makes a New Subaru Model So Safe?

Every new Subaru model is made with durability in mind. This is evidenced by the crash test results administered by agencies like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which have rated Subaru products highly. In fact, many cars and SUVs including the Subaru Ascent, Subaru Impreza, Subaru Outback, and more have earned awards for delivering a safer ride—a true testament to the automaker's craft.

However, the solid composition of a Subaru vehicle is but one part of the equation. Another reason Subaru models carry a positive reputation in relation to safety is because of the proactive systems incorporated with them. Take Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive as an example. Integrated as a standard on a majority of the lineup, this system bolsters traction so that drivers can move forward through rain, snow, and other extreme conditions with confidence. Plus, the SUBARU EYESIGHT® suite includes driver-assist technologies like Lane Keep Assist and Sway Warning to keep you alert to any dangers in your surroundings so that you can make maneuvers to avoid a collision and stay safe.

Test Drive a Subaru at Our Little Rock Dealership Today

With consideration to all the ways Subaru engineers have made new Subaru cars and SUVs safer, we trust that our customers at Subaru of Little Rock will be satisfied with the purchase or lease. To learn more, we invite you to speak with a Subaru specialist and to test drive our models firsthand.

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