How Oil Benefits Your Subaru

Before choosing the proper oil for your vehicle, you should understand the job that oil has within your vehicle. When your vehicle's engine is running, oil gets pumped by the oil pump through the holes and channels in the engine, where the oil cools and cleans the engine, providing a slippery cushion, allowing all moving parts to not grind against one another. Browse the reasons that choosing the right oil for the condition of your Subaru is of utmost importance.

Oil Cools the Engine

The oil pan is located below the engine, and oil picks up some of the heat as it travels around the engine, helping cool off the engine.

Oil Keeps Your Engine Clean

The muck and dirt tend to accumulate inside the engine, and oil usually contains a sort of detergent that flushes it out, helping prevent new clots from forming.

Oil Cuts Down on Friction

Oil forms a cushion between the moving parts of the engine, allowing them to slide against one another easily and cuts down on friction, which in turn reduces the heat and wear on the parts.

Oil Slows Corrosion

Oil pulls out water and acid around the engine parts, which are the main causes of corrosion. That's why it's important to change your oil often so that the oil can stay undiluted and do its work properly.

Still confused about the inner workings of an engine, or don't have the time to change your oil? Stop by the service center at Subaru of Little Rock, and our expert mechanics will take care of the oil change, and any other maintenance, quickly, efficiently and at a great price. We look forward to serving you and your Subaru!

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