Subaru has long been a supporter of pets and pet owners. From pet-centric vehicle accessories to PR campaigns on behalf of furry friends, the brand has established itself as the auto industry's premier advocate for dogs, cats, and other companions.

The cause continues this year as Subaru prepares for its latest pet event.

On October 22, Subaru is establishing the first ever National Make a Dog's Day. This day aims to help shelter dogs across the country find forever homes.

When the day comes, you can head over to your local pet shelter and find a dog to adopt for yourself. If you're already a proud dog owner, Subaru recommends doing something special for your own companions.

The National Make a Dog's Day is yet another part of the Subaru Loves Pets initiative. Subaru Loves Pets provides support and awareness for a wide variety of pet causes. Subaru works directly with organizations like the ASPCA and the Center for Pet Safety. If you would like to learn more about Subaru Loves Pets, reach out to us here at Subaru of Little Rock.

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