The most fascinating place in Arkansas


How one town is reforming, redefining & reigniting 150 years of history

The people of Arkansas are like the the Mississippi river. Consistent, dependable and strong yet regularly underestimated. We do not boast nor brag. We fly under-the-radar. We churn, turn and work—like a steamboat’s paddle wheels

But every once in a while, we reveal our power to transform landscapes and redefine our surroundings. We shatter expectations and people take notice. 

Today, that strength and spirit is alive in Wilson, Arkansas. 

From food, art, and culture to eduction and entrepreneurship, Wilson is shattering expectations and making headlines from California…

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My admiration

Where to start on this one... I have been with Subaru of Little Rock for about 11 months now and have worked with a gentleman named Landon Montgomery. Now let me start off by telling you this guy is one of the hardest working guys I have ever met. His work ethic is the best I have ever seen in the car business, or anywhere. He shows up to work ready to go and ready to help his clients make the best decision on a new vehicle. This guy is not your typical "Car Salesman". If you're reading this…
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Finally A blog...

So where to begin in this blogging thing. Ive herd about it before but never really knew what to write about. So most of you reading this will end up telling right away that my punctuation sucks. Just bare with me on my grammar and my spelling for the time being. 

Let me introduce my self. My name is Cecil Turner, Im thing E-Commerce director here at Subaru of Little Rock and my goal is…
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